LEON Family Office received prestigious awards from Euromoney

In accordance with Global Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey, conducted by Euromoney in 2021, LEON Family office received high ratings and awards in a number of categories:

  • Number 1 in Switzerland, top 2 in Russia and top 3 in Cyprus in «Family Office» category.
  • Number 1 in Russia in seven categories, including «Next Generation», «Capital Markets and Advisory», «Serving Business Owners» and «Philanthropic Advice».

Leon Family Office improved its performance in the ratings almost in all categories compared to the last year results. Euromoney conducts its surveys among leading global private banks and wealth management firms for 18 years in more than 60 countries and its results are widely used by both institutional and private investors. For more detailed information on the survey results, please refer to the Euromoney website: https://www.euromoney.com/surveys/private-banking-and-wealth-management.

CEO of Leon MFO Investments Ltd (asset management company of Leon Family Office network), Andrey Narutskiy commented on the Euromoney survey results as follows: «We are trying to be the best trusted advisor for our clients in all aspects of asset and wealth management. We are delighted and honored that our wealth management colleagues rated so highly our efforts in development of transparent market of family office services in accordance with best international practices».

LEON Family Office was established in 2013 as an independent multi-family office specializing in asset management in international capital markets, succession planning, tax and legal compliance for wealthy families. The main feature of Leon Family Office is comprehensive, multi-generational and bespoke approach to clients’ wealth management needs.