Our services cover all key elements of asset management from formulating comprehensive investment policy to asset management and consolidated reporting. Within the guidance of client investment policy, we will propose strategic asset allocation that optimizes personal return objectives and risk constraints. We will implement the investment strategy using both our proprietary solutions and products of the top tier asset managers and banks. We cover the entire market universe that allows us to implement the truly customized strategies including traditional asset classes as well as hedge funds, private equity, and structured solutions.

Personal Financial Planning

Our advisors make the comprehensive analysis of the client financial conditions and work out personal investment strategy that should allow clients to achieve their long-term goals.

Investment Management

Our investment management services focus on achieving clients’ investment goals while maintaining appropriate level of risk. We constantly monitor capital markets and select the most attractive investment themes and third party asset management products across different asset classes.

Consolidated reporting

Our consolidated reporting service allows clients to get a clear, transparent and fully combined picture of their entire wealth.